A powerful, decentralized, transparent ticketing & logistics solution
for national and state-owned transit systems in the EU.
Powered by the NEO blockchain.

A system that benefits everyone

We tried to design a ticketing system that brings only positive features to the table, while compromising none of the advantages of a "traditional", paper-based or electronic system.

Interactive, passenger-oriented economy

Near-instant and decentralized transactions on the Blockchain allow for the passenger to be in complete control over his/her funds, his/her use of transit, and his/her privacy.

Cost-efficient electronic and trustless
ticketing for Transit Organizations

System infasctracture uses a blockchain - a distributed ledger, and therefore remains safe, decentralized, cheap and resistant to external attacks.

Fully transparent procedures
for higher-level, national administration

Trustless transactions through a Smart Contract leave no room for errors - and forgeries. The whole system remains fully transparent, open to auditing at any time, while also respecting commuter privacy.

The developers

Hi, this is us! We began work on this project on December 2017.

Dimitris Sfounis

BSc student, Computer Science,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR

Theocharis Iordanidis

MSc of Mechanical Engineering,
National Technical University of Athens, GR

Stefanos Dragoutsis

MSc student, Computer Science,
BSc of Computer Science,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR

Live Demo

We've built a simulation that lets you buy tickets and board two (2) virtual buses, and allows you to view the system as a customer, as the transit Corporation, or the supervising National Administrator.

Green or Blue bus?

Purchase and activate a ticket for either the Green or Blue bus, costing 0.02 GAS. Tickets are valid for 1 hour (3600 seconds). You can "walk out" of the bus when your virtual trip ends, invalidating your ticket and get 50% back (0.01 GAS) :)

We're on NEO's TestNet

Our simulation and Smart Contracts runs on the TestNet. You can use your own TestNet wallet, or use our demo wallets (Alice, Bob and Charlie). We always keep them filled up with GAS.

Browse our code and get in touch

Feel free to read, reuse and fork our code as much as you see fit. Our project is open source, and carries the MIT License.
We're also open to questions, from developers to developers. Go ahead and ask as anything about our process and work, and we'll get back to you.
We feel that the only way for the NEO Ecosystem to grow and mature properly is for all of us to help and boost each other up.